From the East on Hwy 401........

1. Take exit 109 for Regional Road 21 for Ridgetown.

2. Head South towards Ridgetown. (6.6 km)

3. Turn left at the stop lights once in Ridgetown. Head South on Erie St.

4. Upon leaving Ridgetown, Erie St. changes into Hill Road. Continue Southward passing through Morpeth until reaching Wildwood By The Lake at Lake Erie. (10 km)

From the West on Hwy 401............

1. Take exit 90 for ON-40 Communciation Rd for Blenheim.

2. Head South towards Blenheim. (7.8 km)

3. Once in Blenheim, ON-40 changes to Chatham St. Continue South through the town.

4. Upon leaving Blenheim, Chatham St. changes into Talbot Trail, Regional Rd 3. Continue Eastward to Hill Road in Morpeth. (12.9 km)

5. Turn right at Hill Road and head Southward until reaching Wildwood By the Lake at Lake Erie.